What is systemic structural constellation?

Systemic structural constellation was developed in the 1980s by Prof. Dr. Matthias Varga von Kibed and psychologist Insa Sparrer. Structural constellation is an image-creating procedure by which current inner states can be externalized and changed with a view to a specific goal. Thus systemic structural constellation allows us to project our inner experience of situations, constellations and systems onto external visible images. These externalized images can be changed in the process of creating the constellation. These changes caused by the client1 who has experienced the solution image, in turn have an effect on the projected situation, constellation, system.

The aim throughout is to multiply the possibilities and improve the original situation. This is achieved for instance by trying out new ways of behavior in gridlocked situations through incorporating factors or people previously overlooked, through clarifying overlaps, through resolving dependencies and through detecting and strengthening resources. A fresh outlook on the original situation, a new positive attitude and replenished resources can thus effect significant changes in a relatively short time.

 1In the following, for the sake of simplicity, both genders will be referred to with the male pronoun.